A Mature Escort Bangkok Fantasy

A Mature Escort Bangkok Fantasy

I was still relatively new to Bangkok when I first met Olivia – and I was new to spending time with a mature escort Bangkok as well. It was a world that I’d only recently discovered, and there was so much to explore and to try that I actually found it kind of overwhelming.

Maybe that’s why I selected her. She was a little more mature than some of the other Bangkok callgirls on KhunRose Escortservice, while still being amazingly gorgeous. That was what I wanted – a woman who knew what she was doing and would take charge. In fact, that was rather a fantasy of mine.

So, I put myself in the hands of that escort agency – telling them exactly what I wanted – and they delivered, big-time!

Experience with a blonde mature Escort Bangkok

When my mature escort Bangkok arrived at my hotel room door she was wearing a long coat and a wicked smile. I let her in, and once we were secluded away in my private room she wasted no time at all in removing the coat. Underneath she was wearing some sharp black stockings and suspenders, as well as a corset-style top that really showed off her ample D-cup breasts.

I must have been goggling at her as she stood there almost-naked in my hotel room, because she raised her eyebrows at me. I started to mumble an apology, but she put a finger to my lips.

“Someone’s been a very, very bad boy,” she said, seductively. “Haven’t they? And I’m here to make sure they learn their lesson.”

I can’t tell you what an amazing turn on it was to have a sexy older woman like Olivia say those words to me – nor how much it turned me on as she talked more about exactly how she was going to punish me. She was perfect in the role, and I was completely lost in the fantasy from the very start.

Now, this was the very first time I’d ever dared to try something as kinky as this, and so I was more than a little nervous. But the mature escort Bangkok made it easy. She took control and gave me exactly what I’d been needing.

First she lead me over to the bed and took me over her knee for a sound spanking, making me thank her and beg her for more with each swat. And then, when I’d been thoroughly chastised, she stripped off right in front of me and touched herself at length, telling me that I could look but not touch.

It was absolute torture. But it was also mind-blowing. I was in another world. I was entirely out of my body.
And soon, to my delight, Olivia decided that I’d been punished enough. She beckoned me up onto the bed and put my hand squarely on her smooth pubis. I felt a shiver go through me just as the sensation of touching her there. And then, very soon, she was touching me as well.

For a while we masturbated one another. I was already rock hard from the spanking and the way she was talking to me, but if anything this only made me harder.

“Do you want to fuck me, boy?” she said. “Is that it?”

I told her I did. In fact, I didn’t just tell her – I begged her. I pleaded with her. I admitted to her that I needed to fuck her. And, with a smile on her face, KhunRose’s mature escort Bangkok spread her legs, pulled her black lace panties to one side and let me in.

I was so crazily turned on that I’m sure I didn’t last very long. But it was, without a doubt, one of the greatest fucks of my life. I don’t think I’d ever needed a woman’s pussy as much as I needed hers before, and when I was inside her it felt beyond incredible.

Afterwards, once I’d pulled out and come across her smooth skin, she cuddled me, and told me that I’d done well, that I’d been a good boy, that I’d more than made up for all the naughty things I did. And that maybe, if I kept on being good, she would give me another spanking – as a reward this time.

That was the first time I’d ever played out that particular fantasy, and I’m so glad I did it with Olivia. Not only is she beautiful and sexy, but she also has the experience and the confidence to make any fantasy real. When I first met her I was new to Bangkok, but now I’ve been here for a while, and Olivia – as well as the other mature escorts at KhunRose Agency – are one of my personal favorite things about this city.