Bangkok – The Most Visited City in the World

Bangkok the most visited city in the world

Bangkok – The Most Visited City in the World

Why Is Bangkok The Most Visited City In The World?

Bangkok is one of the most popular international destination all over the world. In just 2017, it has reportedly to have over 20 million visitors and it’s predicted to increase it’s visitors for the next following years. People all over the world visit Bangkok for both business and pleasure. There are many tourist spots, traditions, historical architecture and of course the city is well developed which makes entrepreneurs fall in love with the city.

 Tourist Attractions In Bangkok

There are luxurious and mid-ranged hotels that you can stay in Bangkok, which you can access tourist attractions in just few minutes away. And that includes the popular gigantic Buddhist Temples with an scenic view of the city. The chinatown that has many interesting and affordable things that you can buy. But there’s more, below we have listed the most popular tourist attractions in Bangkok.

Grand Palace

Grand Palace is located in the city, an enormous complex that has variety of architectural designs. In year 1782, the palace became Kings Siam’s official residence. It’s a sacred site in Bangkok and still remains to symbolize the creativity and craftsmanship of the Thai people.

The site starts to open at 8am to 3pm, but take note that you have to wear proper attire when you visit or you can borrow some clothing which is available at the entrance to cover up your body. It’s a perfect place to feel the essence of their tradition and history.

Wat Arun

A place that you should never miss when you visit Bangkok. Thailand has over 30,000 temples or also known as Wats. Wat Arun’s another name is the “Temple of Dawn”. It’s near River of Chao Phraya. Design is done in spires and colorful design. It’s standing on the opposite direction of Grand Palace.

Wat Pho

One of the largest temple in Bangkok that has huge reclining Buddha. The statue has approximately 46 meters long. You should never miss to visit for it’s interesting view. Wat Pho is a school for Thai massage. It even has four chapels inside with 400 images of Buddha. If you feel like having a massage, then get yourself a treat with their traditional Thai massage

Siam (Ocean World)

A child friendly place to enjoy variety of activities like feeding at the Penguin, Rainforest Zone, Underwater activity in Aquatic Worldland and more. Get to see various aquatic life while in glass bottom or you can choose to dive with the animals wearing a helmet and a diving suit. There’s so much more to offer, a perfect place for holidays with your family or friends.

Chatuchak Market

Have a fascinating experience when you shop at Chatuchak Market, where you can buy clothings, accessories, jewelleries, leather goods, exotic animals, plants and many more. It’s the largest market in Bangkok with over 8,000 stalls, where you can find wide variety of stuffs at affordable price. But it’s only open on Friday to Sunday, around 9am to 6pm, so be sure to check that in your calendar.

There’s plenty of reasons why you should visit Bangkok. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy their interesting sites, traditions, luxurious hotels and amazing nightlife experience? It’s tourism and economy is a perfect place to invest and enjoy life.

Business In Bangkok

Research shows that Bangkok has been doing a lot of infrastructure developments and even expanded their transit lines. A great place to invest because of it’s promising business opportunities and their tourism is well preserved, despite all the advanced development, they managed to keep the city prevail it’s legendary charms, which attracts more and more travellers, giving them an endless holiday experience.

Visiting Bangkok For Business

There are a lot of facilities, resources, services. Of course also top class accommodations for business travellers to use. For example high-end hotels, restaurants and serviced apartments. You can also have nightlife experience where you get to enjoy the popular rooftop bars. Also, you can combine both of your travel for a mixture of business and pleasure. Especially when you have an beautiful escort with you.

The city is also one of the best place for conferences, incentives, meetings and exhibitions, so there’s a great resources if you plan to create an event in Bangkok.

Whether you are a business traveler or a tourist, Bangkok will give you an amazing experience. It’s where you can find investment opportunities, entertainment and a genuine travel experience that you will surely leave a smile in your face. This is why more and more people are coming to Bangkok because it’s more than just fun and adventure. It’s where you can find the best things in life at one place.