Can You Drink In Public In Thailand?

Can You Drink In Public In Thailand?

Can You Drink In Public In Thailand?

he drinking scene in Thailand depends on your interaction with the type of Thai people, the area you are in, and many other factors. It’s not illegal to drink publically in Thailand however, the people over there are conservative enough that nobody likes to party hard and drink a lot, unlike your usual party animals. The best way to drink in public is to hire an Escort Bangkok from KhunRose-Escort who will be your escort on tour. These high-class escorts are aware of the local areas and can take you to some of the best breathtaking locations where a drink in hand and a goddess of beauty in your arms can make you feel like a real king and it’s an experience to die for. You can also avail unlimited make-outs with unlimited fun escorts who are trained in taking you to the most romantic places for optimum girlfriend experience. Busty Escorts provided by KhunRose-Escort are very daring and adventurous, they only appreciate an equally enthusiastic companion and for that they encourage you to drink if it helps loosen up. 

The legal drinking age in Thailand is 20 and it’s the bar owner’s responsibility to make sure they do not sell to a minor or else the police can take action against both, the underage consumer and the server. Drinking in public parks and temples is not allowed as these places are expected to have a pure and family environment. However, some people still go ahead and drink in parks at their own risk, and in some ceremonies that take place in the temples drinking is allowed as per the occasion for the example marriage celebration. Nonetheless no one is expected to lose their control as the purpose is to celebrate and not get drunk in the first place. There may be certain areas where drinking is strictly prohibited at all times and most such places have a warning sign for people.  Other places where drinking is strictly prohibited include education institutions, public offices, pharmacies, and petrol pumps. If you are caught drinking in any of these places there may be a fine of 10,000 Baht and 6 months of jail. In 2017 July Thai police announced that the social media will be monitored closely to enforce the Alcoholic Beverage Control Act (2008) that forbids “the showing of logos and labels of alcohol beverages to encourage people to drink alcohol, whether directly or indirectly.” Hence think twice before uploading any pictures with your beer bottles. 

Furthermore, elaborating on the drinking culture in Thailand and how it’s different from the west we see a ban on selling and buying alcohol on religious Buddhist holidays. They choose to stay sober and in the spirit of the religious holiday. Coming to the conditions of the local streets, well it’s not exactly illegal to carry beer and walk down the street however most people only do it when they are headed to a festival otherwise its socially frowned upon.  


There is a huge variety of alcohol available in Thailand. You can easily find Italian wine, Russian vodka, whiskey, French liqueurs, and if you are a student or simply on a budget there is a whole range of local alcoholic beverages that are available at cheaper rates. 

Firstly, the most famous drink that is adored the most by Russian tourists is Thai beer. Some of the most popular brands include Singha, Tiger, Chang, Leo. Thai beer’s popularity is to the extent that it is also exported to other countries. Moving forward to Thai wine that is not delicious, with few exceptions. Thailand ‘s best wines are considered to be produced from grapes grown in the Hua Hin. More attention should be paid to the unique wine- rice Siam Sato by the brand Monsoon Valley. 

Whiskey is of high quality in Thailand and is often cheaper than imported ones. It should be noted that “strong” means high alcohol content in the drink. As for taste and flavor, there is no typical oak aroma and flavor in Thai whiskey for some reason, and certain types of whiskey, including Red Cock and Black Cock are all in transparent colors.


Foreigners need to understand the rules and regulations of the country they are visiting or otherwise, they can end up in some serious trouble. It’s essential that you drink in your limit and don’t lose control over yourself. Getting drunk and doing stupid things is mostly the idea for many and that is why when such people are drunk they tend to do embarrassing things which might be a reason for a good laugh for many but not Thai people. Thai people call you out for such actions as they do not like someone who has no control over themselves.   

Your safety is also very important if you plan on drinking in Thailand. Even if individuals are not heavily intoxicated but drink late, the risk of facing shady characters and thieves’ increases. If you plan to party right and drink like a fish it is advised that you do your research online finding safe areas in town and avoiding harmful areas in general. An ideal way is to establish a bond with the local bar owners or the staff serving you as they are very helpful and ensure your safety as long as you don’t be disrespectful at any point. Even though I completely agree that humans are social animals who always tend to make new friends when on a vacation, however, one cannot neglect the fact that people we meet in bars and clubs are still strangers who may not have your best interest at heart and can also spike your drink for their benefit. Consequently, taking a drink from a stranger’s hand is against the rules unless you have spent enough time with the other person that you feel you know them and everything else also seems normal.