My Experience with a Russian Escort Bangkok

My Experience with a Russian Escort Bangkok

I wasn’t really expecting to find a Russian escort Bangkok, but life can sometimes throw surprises your way. There were a lot of surprises that evening, I can tell you! Not least of which is that she was just about the best date I’ve ever had.

I had business to attend to in Bangkok and for the last day I needed a date for dinner. Someone beautiful to be on my arm, make a little bit of smart conversation, and make the other guys there jealous. I didn’t have much time to look, but as I browsed the girls on KhunRose Escorts Bangkok and Roxana caught my eye immediately.

She looked gorgeous, first of all. But confident and sexy and cultured too. And she was a high-class Russian escort Bangkok! I’d heard good things about Russian sex girls, and so I didn’t hesitate to book her for that evening.

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When she arrived I knew I’d made the right choice. Not only was she every bit as beautiful in person as she was in her pictures, she was also smart, smiley and just a joy to be around. I could feel myself warming to her straight away – it was too bad we had to straight to dinner.

The other guys there couldn’t believe how attractive Roxana was. As a matter of fact several of them spent pretty much the entire meal openly gaping at her, clearly stunned. She smiled throughout, and made conversation with everyone just as naturally as if she was my long-term girlfriend.

I couldn’t have been more pleased with how it went. And seeing how much the other men wanted her only made me hotter for her. When the evening finally concluded we made our way back to my hotel room. By the time we got in the door we were practically tearing the clothes off one another.

Without even being asked my horny Russian escort Bangkok sank to her knees and wrapped her luscious lips around my cock. I watched her blonde head bob as she took me deeper and deeper, getting me nice and wet with her tongue as she did so.

It’s always a rare thing to encounter a blonde girl who sucks cock like she enjoys it. Roxana was one of those girls. She couldn’t get enough, and kept taking me down into her throat, as well as licking my shaft and teasing at my balls. All the while I was watching her beautiful B-cup tits shivering with every movement. Even better, once she hitched her skirt out of the way I could see her smooth pussy, pink and slender.

I couldn’t wait to be inside her. But just like before I didn’t even have to ask. Roxana seemed to know what I wanted as if she was psychic. She pushed me gently back towards the bed, and I lay back on the mattress with her straddling me. She teased the head of my cock with her warm wet pussy for a moment and then sunk down onto me.

If I’d thought that Roxana like sucking cock, that was nothing to how much she loved riding me. She put her hands on my chest, looked me right in the eye and started jerking her hips hard and fast, as though trying to jerk me off with her pussy. It felt amazing, and it was a struggle not to come right then and there.

And while she rode me Roxana was whispering to me too in that sexy Russian accent of hers – telling me how much she’d been wanting to do this all evening, and how she was going to make me come and couldn’t wait to see it.

Well, pretty soon she got her wish. I felt my balls tighten, and before I knew it I was squirting a hot load of fresh white come into her. She took it all, moaning with pleasure, clutching me. Then, as the last tremors of my orgasm faded she bent down to kiss me on the lips and fold herself onto the bed beside me.

The best part was that I’d hired my VIP Russian escort Bangkok for the entire evening, so there was no rush. Let me tell you, that certainly wasn’t the last time we fucked that night. And never once was Roxana anything less than totally attentive to me, practically reading my mind as she sucked and fucked and gave me the ride of a lifetime over and over again.

I hadn’t expected to encounter a Russian callgirl in Bangkok – particularly not one like Roxana. But I’m so glad I did. Now I just need an excuse to go back and visit for a repeat performance!