The Impact of Coronavirus On Escort Services

The Impact of Coronavirus On Escort Services

The Impact of Coronavirus On Escort Services

Disturbance of freedom Due to Coronavirus 

Haven’t enjoyed an Escort Bangkok for a long time? It’s not hidden from anyone how badly the COVID 19 pandemic has affected almost all aspects of life. Today while the entire world stands united against this deadly virus and is constantly working to put an end to the pandemic, the virus continues to spread aggressively and take away more and more lives as time passes by. Many first-world countries still stand empty-handed without any permanent cure to the virus and it continues to damage the world economy drastically. For married couples, the lockdown can seem to be a favorable decision as it does give them a lot of time to enjoy their sex life at home. However, individuals who lack committed relationships in their life have suffered from huge instability and limitations in their sexual activities. Sex is a completely healthy component of any intimacy where passion comes into play, and so unexpectedly facing the guidelines and restrictions of self-isolation has introduced a new dimension into many sexual relations. And then, of course, there is the inevitable effect on the field of escort service. The escort service industry has always flourished because of its popular demand however in the current situation where doctors have strictly advised everyone to practice social distancing, the industry seems to be facing a massive downfall. Clients are not comfortable having physical contact with strangers. Therefore, all industries, including the escort services have to work efficiently and consider their marketing and development strategies according to this new profound way of life.   

The nightlife in Bangkok has taken a drastic turn. The red light district is completely quiet and empty with all the night clubs, bars and massage parlors closed down. The escort services in Bangkok seem to be surviving on their previous month’s revenue flow which obviously after a point will come to an end since no new clients seem to be coming any time soon. In such unfortunate conditions, the bills seem to be stacking up, leaving employers with options like downsizing or closing down. There are fears that a Thai government emergency scheme for giving millions of newly unemployed people 5,000 baht over the next three months will exempt sex workers since they cannot justify formal employment.  

Sex workers now demand labor rights and request the government to consider their work as formal employment as workers feel cornered and abandoned during this time of need. No one wants to continue working during this pandemic yet is forced due to financial pressure. They work to make the government realize that they also have families to support and have lives dependent on them.

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The pandemic undoubtedly has affected all industries but especially the escort services as the entire business module is based on physical contact which specifically has been asked not to do by most governments and strict penalties have been set for it. If the situation prolongs soon many will suffer and die due to starvation and poverty. In such intense times we surely need a miracle to revive the world economy and according to many economists, analysts and researchers it may take a few years to completely revive many different industries.