There’s Something About… European Escorts in Bangkok

There’s Something About… European Escorts in Bangkok

Even if you pushed me I don’t think I could pin down what it is that’s so special about European escorts Bangkok. Their looks are a big factor, of course, but there’s also their culture and their sophistication… and the fact that some of them really know how to be fun and dirty!

The absolute finest European escorts Bangkok I’ve ever encountered, though, were from KhunRose Sex Agency. The sheer beauty of these women is just stunning! Each and every one looks like a top model who has stepped fresh from the pages of a magazine, and all of them are just waiting for a gentleman to come along for them to entertain.

Juliet from KhunRose Escort Bangkok has to be one of my favorites. She really is something quite special. To start with, she has the perfect combination of shining blonde hair, white-skin and bright blue eyes. Add to that the fact that her breasts are huge and perfectly formed, and it’s almost too much to take in at once. And that’s before we even get to how fun she is to be around. Julia always has a wicked smile on her face, as though she knows exactly what you’re thinking.

The very first time I met her was at the end of the last day of a business trip. I was staying at the Millennium Hilton Hotel in Bangkok, and it had been a hell of a trip. I was exhausted… but I also wanted to make the very most of my last few hours there. That was why, after dinner and a few drinks by the pool, I picked up the phone and called KhunRose for European escorts Bangkok.

It was a last minute booking, but they couldn’t have been more accommodating. Within the space of minutes, Juliet was on her way. Now, I’d only seen her photos online at this stage, but they were breath-taking, and so I retired to my room to spruce myself up and get ready.

European Escorts Bangkok Are Just Unique

Juliet was there so quickly that I barely had time to shower and get changed. When I opened the door to her she greeted me with a smile, and sauntered into the room like she had known me all her life. It may have been late at night, but she didn’t look tired. On the contrary, she was stunning, dressed in heels and a very short skirt.
Of course, I explained to Juliet that I was flying out in the morning, and that I really wanted to make the most of my last few hours in Bangkok. She seemed to understand right away, because she smiled delightedly and offered me a massage.

I was only too happy to accept. I lay on the bed and Juliet straddled me with her toned thighs and started massaging my back nice and hard. Being touched all over by this absolute blonde goddess of a woman was a dream come true!

And it wasn’t long before the massage became a make out session, and that become more. It was all so smooth and so natural… one minute she was on top of me giving me a back-rub, and the next I was on top of her. I straddled her ample breasts and she rubbed them along the length of my cock. Once that had gotten me rather hard, she took me in her mouth, and started sucking and licking with enthusiasm.

This wasn’t just any blowjob though. Juliet really gave it her all, taking me as deep as she could, almost all the way to the base of my cock, and then pulling out and licking all along the length of me. She even licked my balls nice and thoroughly, which felt amazing, and wasn’t something I’d ever experienced before.

I’d planned on just experiencing her blowjob skills for a while before moving on to full sex, but Juliet was just too good. I don’t think I’ve ever met a woman before or since who could make me come so easily with just her mouth. But Juliet managed it, and when I shuddered and shivered and came she kept me in her mouth all the while, swallowing everything I had to give her.

When, at last, my orgasm was over, she licked my cock clean, and then lay on top of me playing with my softening cock. While she did, she guided my hand down to her shaven pussy and let me feel how wet she was there.
Needless to say I was hard again quicker than I would have thought possible. What can I say? There’s just something about the European escorts Bangkok that’s really, truly special!