Where Can I Meet Foreigners in Bangkok?

Where Can I Meet Foreigners in Bangkok?

Where Can I Meet Foreigners in Bangkok?

Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, is undoubtedly the most favorite tourist destination, and every year more and more people seem to indulge themselves in the cities local culture and party life. Bangkok is known for having a wild nightlife that intrigues many and upon a visit, they always wonder where to start from since there are so many things to do in Bangkok. From fine dining to historic places Bangkok has it all. The city has the largest prostitution hub of Thailand and has never failed in pleasing a visitor.

Best Places to find foreigners

Firstly, one of the most popular bars where you can find many other tourists and enjoy with them include Cheap Charlies. Situated on one of Bangkok’s most successful streets, the Cheap Charlies entice all different types of foreigners to Sukhumvit Soi 11. The ideal time when the bar overflows with expats is around 7 pm. You’ll find the traveler who lives on a budget in Bangkok struggling to figure out his or her life or the businessman who stops after a major meeting. It’s an extremely diverse bar with a lot of faces. The best quality of this place is that it has very reasonable prices and you can easily enjoy a drink here if you are on a budget and for sure you will end up meeting an interesting company here. Another interesting culture of the place involves one leaving their business card on the back wall which is already filled with thousands of visiting cards left by previous visitors. You can consider it as something that you can revisit on your next trip. 

Secondly, as it has been unveiled that the Michelin dining guide will cover Bangkok, the entire industry has been on constant alert to come up with menus that will guarantee them a place in the most popular restaurant guide in the world. The dining scene in Bangkok has therefore gained popularity to its full potential attracting more and more foreigners every day. Proceeding to a particular restaurant it would be unfair to just mention anyone as many in Bangkok offer you great food and the perfect ambiance to relax. However, Mezzaluna Bangkok is an outstanding restaurant located on the 65th floor of Lebua ‘s Tower Club. Famous for its set menus, which come only in 5 or 7 courses, Mezzaluna fascinates with a daily menu planned by a visionary chef of world-class haute cuisine. The place is also perfect to enjoy paid sex dates with high-class escorts who will give you the ultimate girlfriend experience as the eatery provides you with a graceful environment. The place has a strict dress code and a minimum age restriction, avoiding unnecessary clutter and combining only sophisticated people under a roof. 

Another famous place which is a great tourist attraction and people from all over the world can be found enjoying the city’s rich culture, is Khao San Road. The place is packed with food vendors, different clothing stalls, and guesthouses. The place seems to be a bit wild with loud music and great Indian food can be enjoyed in the neighborhood. The place seems to be a hit for its traditional value and the large variety in terms of activities to do, it has to offer its visitors.  The backpacking district of Khao San Road is also known as the traveler hub of South East Asia.

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To sum it all, it can be said that Bangkok is full of surprises and has a lot to offer in terms of meeting new people and especially foreigners. If you are a frequent visitor, you would know that the clubs or bars mentioned in the blog are just a handful while the city itself has many places that offer you an equal opportunity to meet foreigners. Nevertheless, it is always better to socialize with the locals also as they help you a lot in understanding the norms of the place and that helps you stay safe and a great time ahead is guaranteed.